Curtain Walls

With the development of the curtain wall in the mid nineteenth century when traditionally load bearing walls were replaced by the development and widespread use of structural concrete and later reinforced concrete thus facilitaing that the the exterior walls of buildings were no longer required for structural support. The exterior walls could be much lighter and more open than the load bearing walls of the past. This gave way to the increased use of glass as an exterior facade and the modern day curtain wall was born. Extal's curtain wall systems employ the very latest in innovation and design technology within this field.

From curtain wall concept design, curtain wall submittal drawings and curtain wall fabrication drawings our expertise can enhance curtain wall performance and optimize value for our clients. In addition to the curtain wall engineering services we offer curtain wall construction management to our clients that need to augment their project teams.

We understand that sophisticated curtain wall elements are a melding of engineering, science, and art. This insight gives our firm the balance required to provide extraordinary curtain wall design services to a diverse group of clients including curtain wall manufacturers, sub-contractors and general contractors.

Our Product Range

  • Unitized system
  • Semi unitized System
  • Invisible System
  • Visible System
  • Custom requirements of any kind of System
  • Double façade System
  • Spider glass wall systems
  • Façade granite system